Safety FAQs

Common questions we get asked on a regular basis include:

How many of our staff need to be trained in First Aid and what course should they do?
Things to consider when deciding your First Aid measures is to look at exactly what you do. Are your employees in a high risk environment? Look at previous incidents (this information can be found in your accident book) and decide what types of injury are common.
Look at the amount of staff you employ and take into consideration shift-work, holidays and sickness. It is unsafe having only having one First Aid trained employee when you know that they will be on holiday, training or even on an opposite shift from their colleagues.
When do I have to provide a Safety Policy?

It is a legal requirement under the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 to have a Safety Policy if 5 or more persons are employed. It is good practice to have a policy in place especially when bidding for contracts as the client may as for a copy of your safety commitment. You can effectively carry this out on your own or MaxSafe can consult with you and carry this out on your behalf.

Why do I have to do a Risk Assessment on what we do?

Risk Assessments are a legal requirement under The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regs 1999 (Reg 3). A suitable and sufficient assessment of significant risk must be undertaken and if there are 5 or more employees it is your duty to have these assessments written and communicated to all involved in the process. We always advise to get your staff involved in the production of Risk Assessments. Our IOSH Managing Safely course is an ideal qualification to assist in carrying this out. COSHH Risk Assessments must be carried out prior to using any substance hazardous to health. (reg 6, COSHH)